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Care of your watch


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Care of your watch

Care of your watch

As with all precision instruments, care must be taken to make sure your watch remains in good order. Make sure you know what you can do with your watch in terms of water resistance and change the battery as soon as it has run out.

We've done our bit too...


Your watch will not be affected by the normal magnetism generated by household appliances.


Your watch may be worn for normal sports activities, but try not to drop it or hit it against hard surfaces.


Your watch is pre-adjusted so that a constant accuracy can be assured within normal temperature ranges.


Unfortunately some people suffer from allergic reactions to certain materials used in the manufacture of watches, straps and bracelets. While all the products used in Lorus watches are of a high standard, we recommend that if an allergic reaction occurs you stop wearing the watch and consult a doctor. To reduce the risk of allergic reaction it may be helpful to regularly clean the case and bracelet of your watch and not to wear it too tight on the wrist.

In Europe, new legislation has been introduced to ensure that all jewellery and watches are nickel-safe, as nickel is one of the causes of allergic reactions. All Lorus watches are already nickel-safe so you have no need to worry.


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